26 May, 2016

The Producer Workshop

Are you an aspiring music producer? Are you interested in sound production? Or perhaps just curious to see exactly what goes on inside a professional recording studio?

Here at Silvertone Productions we are offering an interactive opportunity for small groups and individuals to attend our specialised workshops taking place inside our recording studio. During this session you will have the chance to work with some high quality audio equipment including modern microphones, industry standard software and previously commercially released music.

This Producer Workshop specialises in the placement and usage of microphones, editing and recording different takes, applying effects and processing to audio clips, compression and EQ mixing using industry leading software and controlling and manipulating DAW software.

– You will be taught about microphones and where to place them in order to capture the highest quality audio possible.
– You will get hands on experience with some of the industry’s leading Digital Audio Workstation software.
– Work alongside our in house producer as he records and develops his next release.
Become the studio engineer whilst our producer becomes the musician
– Hear the music in an acoustically treated space and experience the satisfaction your favourite artists’ experience during the end of the session playback.
– Ride the faders on our Mackie Control digital mixing console.
– Participate in the session with hands on learning and advice.
– Get a glimpse of how a recording project takes place from the initial capture of the sound to the editing and audio effects processing of the final mix.

Full price – £120 per person. (4 maximum) – 2 hour workshop.

Ages of Participants must be between 14 – 30 years of age.

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The Fine print…

– Participants must be within the age brackets and if under 18 must be accompanied for the WHOLE event by a over 18 responsible adult – No more that 1 adult per party.
– All extras to be paid for and confirmed 72 hrs before booking date
– 48 hrs cancellation notice required