22 April, 2016

Artist Development

Develop your sound, management, image and marketing strategies with Silvertone Productions.

The aim is to help you as an artist develop and realise your potential. In a world where music acts are finding it increasingly difficult to succeed, the way you market and portray yourself is key. It is important for any emerging artist to have the correct unique image, and to have prepared the “full package” in order to get noticed by decent promoters / labels / etc.
Through working with us we will be able to critically evaluate the message you as an artist would like to give and into which audience we should concentrate our marketing and recording strategies.

Please note that this programme is suitable for new and experienced artists. – It’s never too late to seek a second opinion.

What We Offer
Alongside a second opinion and industry professionals to work creatively with, we can offer a variety of services including (but not limited to) the following list:

Discounted Studio Time – Be it for pre production, recording, mixing or mastering – our professional, purpose built recording studio is yours to use.
Song Development – By considering how a song would come across on the recording and in a live environment, we will be able to develop the commercial potential to the highest degree whilst keeping in tune with your original concept.
Gig Opportunities – Tramlines / Local Sheffield dates and out of town shows.
Artwork Development – Logo / CD cover / Single / Social Media Graphic Design.
Video Production – Partnerships with Video Production teams allow us to present you with discounts within their services.
Photoshoots – Organisation of shoots, image and staff.
Session Musicians – We are able to source a musician for most instruments.
Contacts – We can provide access to some of Sheffield’s highest recommended promoters, labels and venues.
Promotion – Silvertone Productions will advertise and promote anything you release with us, alongside video interviews with you (the artist), promotional photoshoots and networking events.
“The Full Package” – Through discussion and review, we will work with you to figure out what your package could be missing. We will build on your strong points, and enhance your weak points.

Our Expectations
Dedication – Whether it’s meeting deadlines, attending meetings / organised events it is important that we are both productively working towards the same goals.
Communication – As part of the programme, organised meetings will be set. Dependant on your availability and requirements will depend on the frequentness of our meetings.
An Open Mind – As we will be providing creative and critical feedback it is important that you as an artist are willing to listen and reflect. However it is important that our opinions and feedback are taken as a guide, we cannot guarantee success, only nurture your professionalism and product.

Past Clients

“I’ve been working with Tom whitehead as my producer for a year now I have found he has brought out the best in me as a musician and keeps me feeling comfortable and calm throughout a session. I love working with Tom because of his willing nature and input is always reliable. Having someone with such talent and passion is a real quality as a musician I adore. His technique and approach to recording fascinates me and it’s a pleasure to sometimes be the guinea pig for him, he always gets a great sound from me, for a young producer he shows immaculate vision and talent beyond his years.”

– Ryan Young – ‘Ryan Young & The Electric Sunrise

“When we wanted to record our first project we did a lot of looking around at local places, and we couldn’t be happier with our eventual choice. In just two days work we emerged with two songs we can be proud of and for a pretty remarkable price.
You could tell that Tom, the owner, really cares about the projects, and as well as just producing the record, he really helped us develop our sound during the recording process. An incredibly easy studio to work with and a degree of professionalism you’d struggle to find elsewhere for the same price.”

– Harry Fellows – ‘The Wrong Girl